The difference between people and corporations
it seems that topic on which President Obama was asked was the extradition of UK national Richard O'Dwyer. 

O'Dwyer set up a website through which users could search for P2P downloads of copyrighted material. The argument that he essentially performs the same function as google was defeated. President Obama stated that he did not involve himself in such matters. 

One wonders if Apple, Google and so forth are going to be criminally prosecuted for their actions - Google, who effectively do the same thing and Apple who routinely violate anti-trust law. It's unlikely though, it being the case that they seem immune from prosecution, whether criminal or otherwise. 
Naturally, one has to give consideration to the copyright holders - however, it might also be worth considering that the copyright holders have a monopoly and have been only too keen to exploit (and indeed abuse) these rights. They've charged huge amounts for hard copy sales, included new studio tracks only on 'Greatest Hits' albums and charged enormous amounts for live performances while giving the artist(s) very modest royalties. 
The decision to take such an uneven and heavy-handed and uneven approach doesn't do much for the contention that Justice is blind. There is a point beyond which justice ceases to apply - perhaps it would be more sporting to be a bit more open about it and let the populous know what this point is. 

Hauling a person across the Atlantic to be faced down by enormously rich and influential entities hardly seems proportionate, but I think another matter needs to be addressed; President Obama has said that he will not be involved in such matters. Would this be the case if those guilty of abusing Guantanamo Bay "detainees" were being extradited for their crimes (which are real crimes in which people are actually hurt)? 

someone once said that the measure of a man is the way he treats someone who can do nothing for him. Richard O'Dwyer can do nothing for most people, and look at the way he's being treated.The law is not intended to make examples of people. It's almost akin to dragging him out of his house and shooting him. 

[this isn't intended to be a political blog. however, what i write may occasionally swing in that direction. as someone with both a legal and a photographic background, i can see both sides of this argument. being objective, it's clear that there's an imbalance in the application of the law between the haves and the have-nots.]

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